Hey guys! Would you, please, be so kind as to recommend me some great books in English?

Artemiy Belyakov and Margarita Schreiner (Shrainer) in Giselle whilst in Bolshoi Ballet Academy
Credits to Bolshoi Ballet Academy

invisible-rainbow asked: omg i love your blog!!

OMG, thank you so much! (:

Anna Pavlova
Credits: Andrew Studio N.Z.
Uliana Lopatkina 
The Dying Swan
Photo by Nikolai Krusser (?)

Anonymous asked: Thank you for taking the time to answer all of these questions! I'm not a ballerina and I don't know much about ballet in general, so when people say things like, "Oh, she's more Mariinsky than Bolshoi" or something, how exactly are those companies different?

no problem (: please, see this post, I hope it answers your question.

Anonymous asked: Your honest opinion on Tsvirko

here. the only thing is that he’s not a soloist anymore, and, I think, it’s obvious that I like all other first soloists, except for Denis Medvedev, more than him. in a certain way.

Anonymous asked: Does Mariinsky promote the same time Bolshoi does?

I’m not even sure they make promotions as often as Bolshoi does. e.g., if I’m not mistaken, nobody’s been promoted there this year. anyways, it has to be either the very beginning or the end of the season.

Anonymous asked: Looks like another promotion oppurtunity came by and Klim E. will be stuck in the corps forever

yeah, 3 years have passed. but, who knows, maybe they will promote him to soloist one day. 

Anonymous asked: Vinogradova isnt that impressive! Why did she get promoted?

*same question here*