Ekaterina Krysanova, Alexander Volchkov and other Bolshoi dancers in Balanchine’s Diamonds
Credits to Bolshoi Theatre, Damir Yusupov

Anonymous asked: I would love to go to Russia for university, even if for only a year! I have no idea how I'd even go about it though

if you already study at a university/college, you might try going to Russia as an exchange student, there are opportunities like that. if not, then I’d just suggest you google something, because, sorry, but I don’t know anything on that issue ): sorry!

Anonymous asked: omg how did you get into finnish university? was it hard? i'm asking cause i'm from russia too and studying abroad is my longtime dream but I don't think I'm good enough + I have financial problems + I'm kinda old... Is 20 too old? D:

it’s absolutely not too old (some of my group mates are 37), and the tuition is free of charge. 

if you want to study in Finland and begin the next fall, then I’d suggest you hurry up (: 1) see the list of Finnish universities / degree programs here; 2) take TOEFL/IELTS and send your results to the universities of your choice; 3) receive the info on entrance examinations and the pre-reading materials; 4) take the exam; 5) get an acceptance letter, a residence permit and move to Suomi (:

I actually made a document for the company I worked for on the steps of applying to a university in Finland and stuff like that (it’s in Russian). can you drop me a message with your email address? I’ll send it to you if you want. 

Anonymous asked: For someone visiting Russia for the first time where would you recvomend- Moscow or st petersburg? And why (:

hmm… I think I’d recommend St. Petersburg, because visiting this magnificent city offers a chance to see and get to know the Russian culture, art, history, lifestyle in more beautiful, better surroundings and warmer atmosphere than in Moscow. Moscow, I think, is more of a modern, industrial city (but yes, you can experience everything above in Moscow as well); even though there’re literally hundreds of places of interest for those who are interested in the cultural backgrounds of Russia (Moscow was founded in 1147, while SPb - in 1703), nowadays it’s more of an attraction for clubbers and party-addicts. I’d say it’d be splendid to visit St. Petersburg and take a train to Moscow afterwards (: however, St. Petersburg is most beautiful in summer; in autumn it might look a bit depressing due to its geographical position.

Thanks for asking (:

Uliana Lopatkina
Photo by ?

so I’ve decided to finally start paying at least some attention to my personal blog. I’ve already made a couple of posts about my life in Finland and I’m planning to keep doing so. if you’re interested - you’re always welcome ^-^ yes, I know that my early posts are stupid as hell, so don’t judge me by those, please :D

Uliana Lopatkina as Odile in Mariinsky’s Swan Lake
Photo by ?
Vladimir Shklyarov backstage at the Mariinsky
Photo by Marc Olich

Anonymous asked: Hi! What do you think about Kristina Kretova?

Hey! here’s what I think about her.

Anonymous asked: Hi! Do you think Anna Nikulina will ever become a principal dancer?

Hi! to be honest, I used to think she’d never get promoted. being a lead soloist at the Bolshoi means quite a lot already, doesn’t it? but, as you maybe have seen on this blog, I heard that they’re actually thinking of promoting her to principal, so… I really don’t know.