Anonymous asked: Anna T. reminds me of the old bolshoi dancers :') like the generation if Maximova

hmm, interesting point of view indeed. Why? but, in my opinion, she has nothing to do with any of those ballerinas, and she doesn’t remind me of them. tastes and views differ (:

Anonymous asked: Who in the Bolshoi company, graduated from the Bolshoi Academy?

omg. the full ‘name’ of Bolshoi is The State Academic Bolshoi Theatre of Russia, and, in that context, academic is the key word, because the Bolshoi Academy was founded to ‘supply’ the company with dancers, so it’s easier to list the non Bolshoi Ballet Academy graduates.

Principals: Svetlana Zakharova, Evgenia Obraztsova, Mikhail Lobukhin, Semyon Chudin, David Hallberg

Leading soloists: Olga Smirnova and all male lead soloists (Vyacheslav Lopatin, Andrei Merkuriev, Denis Rodkin).

First soloists: -

Soloists: -

and, sorry, but I’m not even gonna mention any corps de ballet dancers; the absolute majority of them are BBA graduates.


Ruslan Skvortsov as Prince Siegfried in Bolshoi’s Swan Lake
Photo by John Ross

Ekaterina Krysanova and Vladislav Lantratov in rehearsal to The Taming of the Shrew

Photos by Elena Fetisova

Natalia Bessmertnova as Odile in Swan Lake (?)
Bolshoi photo archives

Nina Kaptsova’s back in the theatre after her maternity leave! her first performance’s going to be Swan Lake on September, 19th (friends to Prince).

Bolshoi’s Swan Lake

Anna Rebetskaya as Russian Bride, Natalia Osipova as Spanish Bride, Nina Kaptsova as Neapolitan Bride and Ekaterina Shipulina as Polish Bride

Photos by Nadezhda Bausova

Evgenia Obraztsova and Alexander Vodopetov in John Cranko’s Onegin at the Bolshoi Theatre
Credits to BEK studios

Anonymous asked: What's your native language?


Hey guys! Would you, please, be so kind as to recommend me some great books in English?