Anonymous asked: Svetlana isn't that tall though! I'm 5'7 and she's smaller than me. Not by a lot but still smaller. Do you think companies sometimes lie about dancers heights?

well, I didn’t say she was the tallest ballerina I’ve seen, but in comparison to some other dancers, e.g. Genia, she’s not a dwarf either (; and something around 5’7 isn’t tiny for ballet, is it? no, I don’t think companies lie about dancers’ heights or weights. what’s the point? the ones who desperately want to find out the accurate ‘data’ will manage to anyway.


Uliana Lopatkina in The Dying Swan

Svetlana Zakharova as Medora in Bolshoi’s Le Corsaire

Photos by Damir Yusupov

maybe I’m going insane, but I had a dream that Alexander Volchkov was a serial killer and that I did all the stupid things one can think of to… start dating Tyoma Belyakov! I think I need to see a doctor, like what, for Willy Wonka’s sake, is that supposed to mean?!


Ulyana Lopatkina
ph. Natasha Razina (?)

“She was, and still is, a star, ballet’s monstre sacré, the final statement about theatrical glamour, a flaring, flaming beacon in a world of dimly twinkling talents, a beauty in the world of prettiness”. - The Financial Times on Maya’s 80th birthday.
Maya Plisetskaya celebrating her birthday on stage of the State Academic Bolshoi Theater, 2000. Photo RIA Novosti.
Artemiy Belyakov, Ekaterina Krysanova and David Hallberg after Swan Lake in New York
Alexei Loparevich and Alexander Petukhov in Bolshoi’s Don Quixote
Photo by Stephanie Berger
Maria Alexandrova, Vladislav Lantratov and other Bolshoi dancers in Don Quixote in New York
Photo by Stephanie Berger

Anonymous asked: Idk for some reason i thought krysanova was short because she doesn't look tall on stage. Then i read somewhere that she was almost as tall as sveta i just felt like (>v<)

you probably won’t believe me, but I had exactly the same thoughts and feelings. I think, Sveta looks taller because she’s thinner and she has a different body structure.