Anonymous asked: What is your opinion o Hallberg's dancing?


Anonymous asked: Your thoughts on Maria Alexandrova?

Maria Alexandrova as Medora in Bolshoi’s Le Corsaire
Irina Lepnyova photography
Ruslan Skvortsov as Prince Siegfried in Bolshoi’s Swan Lake
Irina Lepnyova photography

Anonymous asked: How many performances have you seen live? Where do you usually watch ballet(you seem to talk with a certain knowledge of many performances)? YouTube is the only source on the internet?

Thank you (: I’ve only seen Giselle and The Sleeping Beauty live (performed by Sergei Radchenko’s ‘Russian National Ballet’, which is a pretty lousy company, tbh). I also usually download full performances from the Internet and I love reading books/articles about ballet.

Anonymous asked: Why do so few of the students who start Vaganova actually graduate?

because Russian ballet standards are very strict. if you don’t have the right proportions, if you don’t have a musical ear, if … then try something else, that’s how it works in Russia. it might sound terrifying or whatever, but, you may hate me for that, it’s actually not that bad, imo. where would Bolshoi and Mariinsky be if they accepted everyone? would they be the iconic companies they are at all?

I’m not saying people have no right to dance if they look any different from what the Russian standards are, no. it’s great if those people love ballet with all their hearts, if that’s what makes them happy and if they are willing to share their passion with others, but maybe they can just try themselves in other ballet schools and later on companies? for instance, I’d love to dance for myself in an amateur school/company, but I understand that I’d feel like vermin if I worked with dancers of VBA/BBA or Mariinsky/Bolshoi class. their superiority would be so obvious..

guh, sorry for such a long and blah blah answer :/

Anonymous asked: I think Inna Zubkovskaya was trained in Moscow then joined the Kirov

Yes, you’re right. She actually joined Bolshoi, but didn’t have a chance to dance there because of WW2, so she joined the Kirov Ballet.

Thanks, I didn’t think of her at all in the first place (;

Anonymous asked: What would you consider to be the most difficult ballet?

erm.. any classical ballet? if I have to choose one, let it be Yuri Grigorovich’s Swan Lake.

Anonymous asked: Do you have any leads on where I can find a video of Sveta dancing Diamonds?



Ekaterina Krysanova and Vladislav Lantratov in rehearsal to The Taming of the Shrew
Photo by Elena Fetisova